Abdulhusain AlKhabaz

Abdulhusain AlKhabaz


Bahrain has been famous throughout history for basket-weaving thanks to the large number of palm trees it had. For 20 years, craftsman Abdulhussain Al Khabaz has managed to preserve the craft of making traditional baskets. He specialises in making baskets out of all parts of the palm tree and has developed the craft by introducing certain new elements and raw material such as cloth and beads, thereby making creative models and designs. He produces traditional products such as windows and mats and also

specialises in designing traditional homes that were made out of parts of the palm tree.

Al Khabaz started out with the Karanah Club, where he received training and made works in the best traditional designs. He became the training supervisor for this craft and then joined the Crafts Centre in 2009. The range of his works has expanded since. He has taken part in the activities and exhibitions of the Centre and exhibited his products there.

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