Abbas Ali A'al Abdulwahab

Abbas Ali A'al Abdulwahab


Madeed mat: Madeed mat industry is one of the ancient agricultural handicrafts paracticed by craftsmen during a period that society was in bad need for such items, in order to use it in several houses, mosques and cafes, where it was used to cover floor and wooden chairs. This industry depends on juncus; a type of plants usually grows around water ponds and swamps, while extensivly grows in water creeks in farms. Craftsman uses a wooden tool called (Al-Haff) that has many holes in which ropes pass through, these ropes are used to adjust Madeed mat coherence. Work is usually done by two persons: The craftsman and another one to aid him. Madeed mat is known for its coherence and durability, making it the best choice for hot environments due to small holes spreading all over it.

The craftsman Abbas Ali went to learn the long industry in 2005, where he went to learn from Haji Hussein al-Moualem from Nuwaidrat village and to take the craft as his other source of income. Because of the scarcity of availability in the local market and semi-erosion of the craft for the lack of practitioners

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