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 Long Vase  Long Vase
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Model: 181284
Pottery: One of the oldest traditional industries in Bahrain with A'ali village famous for as its hub. Craftsman, in that industry, uses potter's wheel to move soft mud block with aid of his legs, while uses his hands to form the block according to the required sizes and figures. Craftsman fabricate..
BD10.500 BD8.400 Ex Tax:BD8.000
Model: LB009A
Leather Craft: Design and adaptation of leather to be a challenge for producing charming and functional accessories. Genuine leathers used and included with threads and gemstones to make special accessories blended with vibrant creativity using materials...
BD2.100 Ex Tax:BD2.000
Model: 192969
Textile: Weaver's mission is to weave clothes in a swift and accurate way, using both his hands and legs to distribute strings while knoting them together in an organized and harmonised way. In this industry, craftsman uses the required cotton threads, Zari embroidery fabrics and pigment colors to f..
BD12.600 Ex Tax:BD12.000
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