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Ghadah Al-Khuzaei

Ghadah Al-Khuzaei

The idea of the ceramic project was born as Bahrain was famous and since ancient history practiced the ancient pottery.

the development process by the techniques and products was very simple and lacked the artistic side.

The Bahraini specialists in this field came to the idea of Ghada Ceramics project to develop and produce ceramic products Art and craftsmanship varied and mixed with modern Bahraini character. The project is one of the unique projects in Bahrain
for the production of products of artistic excellence of ceramics on demand, from murals, models, suspensions and dishes by the hands of the Ghada Al Khozai specialized and have long experience in this field.

Lantern hanging
By Ghada ..
BD3.150 Ex Tax: BD3.000
Solid vase
Ghada for Ceramics..
BD5.250 Ex Tax: BD5.000