In line with its continuous efforts to preserve Bahrain’s traditional crafts and handicraft industries, the Handicrafts Directorate at Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), distributed certificates to its ‘Traditional Wooden Chests’ workshop participants at Al Jasrah Handicrafts Centre on the 18th of February 2019.
The workshop was conducted by the instructor Abdulrasool Al Buri, which was held from 13th of January until the 7th February. The workshop was facilitated by 7 trainers and covered the basic skills of making traditional wooden chests, in order to encourage more individuals to enter this handicraft trade. This course was the first of various levels of training, which all aim to establish professionals who can contribute to the local market. 
 “We are delighted to host the “Traditional Wooden Chests” training workshop, in line with our efforts to support and give interested people the necessary skills to make high quality products that can withstand industry competition on local and regional levels,” said the President of Al Jasrah Handicrafts Centre, Mr. Yasser Al Sayed.
The workshop comes as part of a series of training courses launched by the BTEA; as part of the various courses hosted throughout the year by trained instructors from different fields which aim to preserve Bahrain’s traditional industries for future generations.