As part of its ongoing efforts to preserve Bahrain's traditional crafts and industries for future generations, the Handicrafts Directorate, representing the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA); distributed certificates to its ‘Anaqda’ workshop participants on the 30th of August 2018 in Al Jasrah Handicrafts Centre.

The workshop was conducted by the trainer, Ms. Zakiya Ali Essa, and aimed to enhance the skills of ten participants and focused on the basic embroidery skills and stitching techniques using metal threads.

 “We are pleased to witness such great turnout at the training courses being held. Hosting numerous workshops throughout the year comes in line with the BTEA’s keenness to preserve the Kingdom’s crafts and traditional industries for future generations.  The workshop is primarily targeted to women, to empower their professional development and further strengthen their role in the handicrafts industry,” said the President of Al Jasrah Handicrafts Centre, Mr. Yasser Al Sayed.

During the country’s rich past, women wore intricately embroidered dresses weaved with silver and gold threads. A special needle was used to make small stitches in various shapes such as a rose, crescent, star, or geometric formations; the sophisticated design work often extended over the entire garment fashioned out of the best type of fabric such as tulle, wreath or silk. Anaqda embroidery has been used in more than clothing, it is also used on traditional accessories, paintings and cushions.